Development Opportunities at Aerohub

If you’re looking to expand your business in Cornwall, then there are huge development opportunities at Aerohub. In addition to the existing infrastructure at Cornwall Airport Newquay, Aerohub is home to one of the largest development sites in the UK with the added benefit of Local Development Orders (LDOs), which allow for premises to be built without any planning. 

Totalling 650 acres, the site at Aerohub is split into two definitive areas, Airside and the Business Park, and two economic zones, meaning your business could benefit from large amounts of space to expand. 

  • Airside. This totals 231 acres, and is perfect for your aerospace company. Direct airside and runway access and hardstanding, and room to build a bespoke hangar if required – with potential funding available. Companies that have relocated successfully to Airside are Apple Aviation and Agusta Westland
  • Business Park. Totalling 87 acres, the Business Park at Aerohub can accommodate the following sectors – aerospace supply chain, complimentary activities, and renewable energy, ITC, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • Economic Zones. Totalling 45 acres, this operational terminal has existing aerospace activities. Weston Aviation, a successful FBO company are based here.


Build what you want, how you want

The development sites are now covered by two Local Development Orders (LDOs). LDOs allow for premises to be built without any planning, decreasing the risk, time and costs associated with planning regulations.

Why not read about other businesses that successfully made the move to Aerohub?

Whether your business needs a custom built hangar, or you want to make use of our direct airside capability, why not contact one of our team today


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