CIS (UK) Ltd

The most recent company to relocate to Aerohub, at Newquay Cornwall Airport, is global company CIS (UK) Ltd - an international provider of modular buildings - who have been looking for a UK base for their expanding operations. 

CIS chose Aerohub due to its close proximity to Cornwall Airport Newquay, with services to Gatwick and onward connectivity to worldwide destinations, making it a convenient location for their business. The airport offers the facility for corporate and private aircraft to land, allowing international clients to have easier access to CIS personnel based in the UK.

The introduction of CIS (UK) Ltd has generated more local jobs, training opportunities and an economic boost to the Cornish economy.  Something your expanding business could also benefit from. 

CIS (UK) Ltd is already using a number of local businesses to support its business launch and expects its arrival to bring further employment of between 20-25 local people once the company is fully established, in addition to its global workforce. 

If you're interested in finding out more about CIS (UK) Ltd and their expertise in modular building, or wish to find out more about relocating your business to a hangar or building at Aerohub, contact one of the team today

For more information visit cisgroup.co.uk

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