Flight and Search & Rescue Training

Building on a tradition of flight training, Aerohub is home to one of the finest training environments in Europe. With access to cliffs, estuaries, moorland and the sea, businesses can operate within dynamic and varied situations. Aerohub also offers uncongested and unrestricted airspace, giving the freedom for training providers to plan exercises that suit their needs and timeframes.

Why Aerohub for Flight and Search & Rescue Training?

  • Uncongested airspace
  • Direct access to a marine environment
  • Joint service training facilities
  • Existing providers on site, including AgustaWestland’s Operational Flight Training Centre, RAF St.Mawgan, and Bristows SAR base.
  • Outstanding quality of life that retains students and skilled employees

To find out more about any Flight and Search & Rescue opportunities at Aerohub, or how to relocate your business contact us here


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