Goonhilly Tim Peake Launch 15 December 2015

Keep up with events as Tim Peake goes into space!

Goonhilly Earth Station will be following all the action as it happens – and even making some of it themselves.  They will be  tracking each pass of the station with antenna GHY-99.

This is your chance to keep up to date from the home of space in Cornwall. Goonhilly is part of Tim’s mission and are tracking the International Space Station from GHY-99 and downlinking video for a number of school contacts that Tim will make during his 6-month stay in space.

At 11:02am on Tuesday 15th December, British astronaut, Tim Peake will form part of the Expedition 46 Crew to the International Space Station. He will launch into space aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft. After orbiting the earth 3 times the soyuz spacecraft will dock with the International Space Station. At aproximately 18:30pm the hatch to the space station will open and Tim will join the “One Year Crew” already in space.


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